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Wrist arthritis

There are many different types of wrist arthrits, some of which occur as a consequence of injury, some happen without any obvious cause and some are associated with recognised arthritic conditions.

The wrist is a complex joint which in fact is made up of a 8 carpal bones joined together by a series of ligaments and producing a number of different individual joints or articulations. For example, the commonest terms used are the radio-carpal, distal radio-ulnar, mid-carpal and scapho-trapezio-trapezium joints(tri-scaphe or STT joint). Then there are the specific individual articulations including the radio-scaphoid, radio-lunate, scapho-capitate, luno-capitate, triquetro-hamate and piso-triquetral. It becomes quite confusing and it is beyond the scope of this website to give information on all these variations. However there are certain patterns of injury which lead to specific arthritis patterns and I propose to talk about some of these.

    1. Tri-scaphe arthritis
    2. Scapho-lunate advanced collapse arthritis
    3. Scaphoid non-union advanced collapse arthritis
    4. Distal radio-ulnar joint athritis

The non-injury group of arthritis includes conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, gout and psoriasis.